Our Philosophy

At Oates Energy Solutions we are committed to the relentless pursuit of problem solving that lasts years later after we have solved it. We are different because unlike other firms who are focused on ‘billable hours’ we strive to create value with very little upfront funding and then share in the value equation from the solution that we provided. This approach truly creates a win-win for both the client and OES. At OES we are confident in betting on our own capability to solve our client’s problems and receive a portion of the value that we have created. Please allow us the opportunity to provide you with a customized OE Solution.

" I am proud of the company that I have created and the people that have improved upon it. I am equally excited about where we are going tomorrow. "


Who We Are?

Oates Energy Solutions specializes in designing unique energy and commercialization solutions for individual client’s needs. We have an excellent reputation among several major oil and gas players, state and federal regulators, chemical industry clients, small business owners, venture capitalist, private equity entities and several international associations and councils. OES’ experience and expertise covers industrial gases, petrochemicals, commodity chemicals, renewable fuels, hydrotreatment, underground hydrogen gas storage, refinery modeling, waste to power and other energy conversion systems and commercialization of advanced technologies.

What We Do?

Oates Energy Solutions creates value and then participates in the new value stream that has been created or we don’t realize any sizable monetary gain. We are extremely confident in our ability to create value for our clients and our company. At OES we create value by utilizing engineering and advanced energy principles. We perform complicated techno-economic refining and chemical modeling governed by heat and mass balances. We improve upon existing processes use of energy and then we optimize them to create further value streams for our clients. Our newly created productive solution leads to a reduction in variable costs, improved throughput, reduced emissions and overall improvement in quality of products produced.
We PARTNER with our customers and ‘bolt on’ to their existing knowledge base and process understanding – we approach all problems with an open mind without any preconceived notions. We are firm believers in data driven processes and allowing the best ideas to win

Why We Matter?

Oates Energy Solutions provides innovative and customized solutions that require intimate knowledge of the various end markets the customer is trying to penetrate. These tough problems require a broad, yet deep set of operational, technical and commercial skill sets. Oates Energy Solutions has been ‘battle tested’ and has a successful track record of delivering value for key clients and stake holders. At OES we have solved challenges associated with large-scale underground hydrogen storage, improved operational efficiencies associated with chemical and refining processes, formulated creative solutions to bring several advanced energy conversion technologies to market and are always seeking to improve and create value for our clients.

We Maintain A Unique Culture Because We Have

  • Leaders who understand partnering with our customers will ultimately lead to the success of both companies.
  • Engaged employees who have a "CAN-DO" attitude.
  • Open and honest communication a belief in radical transparency when communicating.
  • Shared value business proposition after results are generated.

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