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The Industry Highlights

We serve a wide range of industrial energy sectors including but not limited to the following list below.

Hydrogen Energy

Oates Energy Solutions helps entities evaluate hydrogen producing technologies from steam methane reformers, gasification, auto thermal reforming, electrolytic and other by-product hydrogen rich purification systems.  Oates Energy Solutions has over 17+ years in advancing the Hydrogen Economy global initiatives.

Underground Gas Storage

Oates Energy Solutions performs feasibility studies, salt cavern storage design, development of permeation barrier techniques for high purity gases, storage and pipeline integration modeling, site selection for new storage projects, integration of advanced downhole tools for mechanical integrity verification and analysis.  The founder of Oates Energy Solutions has over 15+ global patents in the field of underground hydrogen storage.

Industrial Gases

From oxygen, nitrogen, argon, helium, Carbon Dioxide, carbon monoxide, synthesis gas and hydrogen, Oates Energy Solutions helps customers in a variety of industries to improve their environmental performance, contractual terms, supply reliability, product quality, and productivity.

Commodity Chemicals

From methanol, ammonia, gasoline, aviation fuels and other products, Oates Energy Solutions helps customers with contracting, improved sourcing and better utilization of these products.

Specialty Chemicals

Oates Energy Solutions works with specialty chemical producers to assist with energy utilization, purification of by-product gases, and developing unique solutions to improve product margins.

Clean Energy Technologies

Oates Energy Solutions assists with the technical and commercial development of new clean energy technologies such as wind, solar, hydro and others.


Oates Energy Solutions specializes in incorporating technologies to clean up contaminated water sources, reduce water fouling and help plants reduce their consumption.

Renewable Fuels

Oates Energy Solutions works with companies to help broker their biofuels, perform strategic due diligence with regards to the renewable fuel standards and other value added services.

Crude Oil Refining

Oates Energy Solutions delivers industrial gas solutions, hydrotreatment and hydrocracking modeling and optimization. OES also works with strategic partners to perform comprehensive techno-economic modeling of global refineries for traders, operators, risk managers, energy mangers and other entities.


Oates Energy Solutions is focused on helping utilities with energy optimization and waste clean up services using advanced thermal-chemical technologies.

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