Designing Unique and Valuable Solutions To Every Refining Problem

Value Creation

  • Chemical Plant Process Modeling
  • General Solution Creation Services
  • CO2 and other Emissions Reduction Services
  • Energy Optimization Services
  • Energy Storage Services
  • Cost Reduction Identification Services
  • On-site Energy Audits
  • Current State and Future State Modeling


  • Technology Commercialization
  • 3rd Party Demonstrations
  • Marketing Surveys
  • Entry Market Identification
  • Entry Market Validation
  • Market Migration Pathway
  • Product Requirement Documentation
  • Go To Market Plan

Energy Solution

  • Small scale hydrogen storage evaluation
  • Steam Methane Reforming
  • By-Production Hydrogen Economic Analysis
  • Ethane Cracker Off Gas
  • Chlor Alkali Off Gas
  • PDH Units
  • Refinery Off Gases
  • Methanol Off Gas
  • Partial Oxidation Gasification
  • Electrolytic Production of Hydrogen
  • Waste Heat + Electrolytic H2 and O2 Production
  • Liquid Hydrogen Production and Evaluation
  • Economic Evaluation of Hydrogen Production Technologies
  • Hydrogen storage using existing Natural Gas pipelines (Power to Gas)

Hydrotreatment Optimization And Overall Performance Improvements

Refining And Chemical Plants Techno Economic Modeling

Future Hydrogen Economy, Storage, Production And Distribution Solutions

Waste To Energy

Future Hydrogen Economy Analytics & Deep Insight

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